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AVR based SNTP clock

There are lots of clocks around but usually you can’t find right one. If you have right hands then one way is to build one that fits your needs. Derek wanted a simple looking digital clock with large digits, SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) support and would accept IR commands instead of mechanical switches.

For this he has chosen an Atmega168 microcontroller which drives LED display using multiplexing topology and also listens to IR commands sent from AppleTV receiver. As for SNTP support, Derek used Lantronix Xport serial to Ethernet adapter. |Using this adapter AVR requests time update from one of three SNTP servers. Synchronization is done once per day. He didn’t include alarm functionality as he simply didn’t need it – only time function. Clock circuitry is placed in to nice enclosure and serves as great addition to other gadgets in his room.

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