AVR based automatic JTAG pinout scanner

Hunz have started interesting project automatic JTAG locator of pins. Probably every embedded device has JTAG interface, but sometimes it may be real pain to find out right pinout in order to debug, program or read device memory.



What JTAG scanner does. It simply tests if all signals are connected properly. It allows to read and write every pin so it can be used for reading and writing to almost all MCU’s and memories like FLASH or SDRAM. Read more about what is JTAG and how JTAG scanner works here. Of course project isn’t finished yet. You can join Hunz in developing process. Once you have this device in your hands you are one step towards hacking hardware devices.

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  1. This might be quite dangerous, check out this site about JTAG pinouts:

    http://www.jtagtest.com/pinouts/ – for example trying this on PowerPC BDM / JTAG port can destroy pin drivers.

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