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AVR based audio Spectrum Analyzer

The AVR Acoustic Spectrum Analyzer is a device that you need to have if you want to improve the audio quality of your audio equipment. This acoustic spectrum analyzer is created on the technical aspects of the Atmega8 AVR microcontroller and an amplifier that is operational. You can install this analyzer on your PC, external speakers, car radio or any other device whose sound you want improved.

The AVR acoustic spectrum analyzer supports displays such as 20*4, 20*2, 16*2 and 24*2. The settings of this spectrum analyzer are normally saved in the eeprom memory. If you want to alter certain settings, such as the brightness of the display, you can fix a keyboard to do so. You can also use the keyboard if you want to change the display effect or even its sensitivity.

The Analyzer can be used on any VFD or LCD that is compatible with HD44780. All you need to do is to connect the AVR Acoustic Spectrum analyzer with the audio signal and you will like what you hear. You also need to AVR analyzer to coincide with your display. You can use any programmer to connect the audio signal and for fast and precision calibration.

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  1. AVR Microcontroller Fan

    I am a big fan of AVR microcontrollers and spectrum analyzers. This project combines them!

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