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Automatic Fire extinguisher

This project is basically a prototype to extinguish fire using a small burst of fire. It’s operated with the help of high torque servos and can only extinguish fire up to a distance of 1ft. As already mentioned this project serves only as a proof of concept which can be further extended to extinguish outdoor and indoor fire. An ATmega1284p microcontroller (MCU) is used to manage both the “on” signal sent to the water pump and the positioning signals sent to the servos. There are two servos to control the horizontal and the vertical position of the water pump respectively.

A combination of three infrared sensors is used to detect the fire. The upper and lower sensors are sensitive to visible light while the central sensor is more sensitive to fire. A various permutations and combination are used to detect whether the fire is present or not based on the output from these sensors. The system requires little to no human interaction except when the water reservoir needs to be refilled which can also be made automated. In order to be practical, it would need to be capable of extinguishing both larger fires and fires at varying distances from the front edge of the device.

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