Propeller clock project

Bob Blick have built this propeller clock some time ago, but it still serves as an example for other modifications.   A motor spins the “propeller”, and a PIC16F84 microcontroller keeps track of time and changes the pattern on seven LEDs with exact timing to simulate a 7 by 30 array of LEDs. Moving led array makes illusion of flat image. Author provided all necessary material including circuit, PCB, and source code that may help to build it for everyone. Continue reading

DIY MIDI interface for USB

Lutz Lisseck have built a bidirectional UART to Midi interface by using AVR Atmega8 microcontroller.   Interface circuit may work either as RS232 to Midi interface (Us MAX232) or USB to Midi (Use FT232). Data is sent as it is 1 to 1 so to make serial interface as Midi you need to install additional driver on PC which allows to send midi data via it. Author recommends using Roland Serial MIDI Driver for Windows XP / Windows 2000. Continue reading

Ambient light bulb

Mike has been astound by Mathmos aduki so he decided to build one by himself. Lamp is controlled via web interface based on Tuxgraphics project. From software part LED lamps are controlled by using 8 bit timers in PWM mode what allows to have intensity levels from 0 to 255. This is really nice project if you want to make your room more intimate and moody. Author gives very good description about how he was experimenting during development phase. All tools and programs are under the GNU Public Licence so everyone can replicate the project. Continue reading

Various code examples for NXP microcontrollers

IAR Systems community have collected several code examples for NXP LPC2000 microcontroller series. Code snippets allow to adapt to IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM much quicker. Most of code is written for various evaluation kits, but code also may be adapted to any ARM board.   Code collection include examples of IO, LCD, timers, USART, USB, External memory, Interrupts and more. All projects are packed in separate archives for convenient download and use. Continue reading

GSM alarm project with BasicX Stamp

Pedro Miguel have been developing pretty simple GSM alarm unit controlled by BasicX24 stamp module.   He connected Siemens C35 cell phone to to BX24 board and communicated by using AT commands via serial interface. In his test board used a PIR sensors for motion detection. When motion is detected system sends SMS to specified cell phone. Control code is written in basic. Author left project open for future development and expanding. Continue reading

Embedded 1 to 8 intercom system

This project was created by M.Shakeel Malik. System allows to make regular calls and to one of 8 internal phones.   System is controlled by Atmel AT89S51 microcontroller. System also have its own tone generator which allowing to send dial and busy tones. Calls can be hold with voice message or melody signal transmission. Circuit and source asm code is available. Continue reading