Siemens S65 color display oscilloscope

Do you want to have color display oscilloscope? Then make one from Siemens S65 color display.   Circuit is really simple – two channel analog inputs are directly connected to Atmega32 ADC inputs. But anyway oscilloscope is capable to display up to 40kHz wave form at 10 bit ADC resolution. Whole program is written in Bascom language. Continue reading

Multimeter for power supply unit

This multimeter was build as an addition to power supply unit by Zbyszek.   This unit uses ATMEL Atmega8 microcontroller which reads voltage (0…30V with resolution of 10mV), current (0…99A with resolution 10mA) and displays information on LCD. All you need is to mount multimeter to PSU module according to this diagram. Do not connect to voltages more that 50V as this may be dangerous for adapter and you. Author uses this multimeter for charging of RC Li-Pol cells. For this purpose you need to flash desired firmware which displays capacity passed to load, this way you can see how much cells are charged. Continue reading

Remote weather station receiver module

Ficara Emilio have built and adapter which receives information from remote radio station (Oregon Scientific) module via 433MHz RF channel. Weather station provides temperature and humidity data. But to receive such data you need to have a receiver which usually is included in the weather station kit. But what if you want to receive data from weather station which is neighborhood or you want to to see information on computer screen.   Receiver adapter is build on Attiny2313 AVR microcontroller which decodes data sent from RF receiver. After this MCU sends information to USART port. On PC side you can use program which reads data from RS232 port. All necessary files are available for download from project page. I assume that with small software modification this adapter could be used for any RF data receive and convert to RS232. Continue reading

Automatic plant watering device

This device may be useful for florists and other who like green environment at home but forget to water them regularly to water them. So why not to automate this process with simple embedded system which controls water pump. Device as design project was developed by student Gang Xie in Stanford University. Device not only waters plant regularly but has a real time clock for exact time counting, LCD which displays time and system states, speaker for alarming, push buttons for changing states and time. Microcontroller controls water pump through relay. Project software is written in AVRGCC C language. Design could be improved by adding humidity of soil reading through ADC channel. Continue reading

Control your PC with TV Remote

Remote control developed by Ajay Bhargav can be used to control PC remotely. It can be used for volume control in Windows media player and mouse cursor movement control. For this you can use almost any TV remote with RC5 coding. IR command reception circuit simply consist of ATMEL AT89C2051 microcontroller and TSOP1738 IR receiver. Project files also include firmware written in assembly language and compiled hex. Also you will need application for Windows which is included in package. Continue reading

Yet another USBAVR-ISP programming adapter

If you are planning to make AVR USB-ISP programming adapter you may want to consider this version which is compatible to USBasp hardware.   Major features adapter has: small hardware design; STK500v2 compatible; AVR910 Support (alternate Firmware or Atmega168) ; Single side usable; Has 10 pin,6 pin and connectors; 1 kHz – 3 MHz ISP frequency ; Target Status LED´s; Target can be supplied with 5V @ 100 mA max from the programmer; Automatic shutdown when current is to big; Automatic detection of highest ISP Speed if wished (only with Atmega168); ANSI and VT100 compatible Terminal mode to make Settings and view Target Information without Programmer Software USB/RS232 Converter(optional); Bootloader Support. Files are available in Eagle CAD format, PDF for convenient view. Also you may find Target 3001 format and Sprint-Layout. Project itself is well documented and easy to follow. Hardware and firmware are constantly improved what makes this tool even more useful. Continue reading