Ambitious Joystick interface to PC USB port

Grendel has built USB interface to MS Sidewinder 3D Pro Joystic which works as generic USB HID device and supports full functionality that allows to play most of games with this Joystic.   As interface heart there is AVR Atmega8 microcontroller used where software USB driver interacts with PC. Device doesn’t require specific drivers for WIN 98SE/2000/XP as it acts as generi HID device- just plug and play. He made two board prototypes one tobe mounted to PC case, another external box version. Newest project files are here. Continue reading

List of small AVR Tiny projects

Check out Blue Sky Projects for nice collection of AVR Tiny projects. Author constantly updates its collection with new projects that are all zipped for convenient download. All these smal projects are written in assembly language. Each project has small description and circuit attached but no PCBs as they all are being constructed on prototype board. This is good place to learn microcontroller interfacing and avr assembly language. Continue reading

PIC based small thermometer with USB interface

Device is more experimental and tend to be used to measure indoor and outdoor temperature. It uses PIC 18F2550 microcontroller with built in USB peripheral. Microcontroller reads sensor (TC1047A ) data and sends it via USB to PC.   USB firmware is taken from Microchip, so not a big knowledge of USB specific software is required. Hex file and other project details are available for download. Author left possibility to connect other sensors (humidity, pressure) to board and syndicate it to the web with Google earth information. Continue reading

FPGA controlled CNC mill

Jean P. Nicolle has a nice site devoted to FPGA. Since 1997 he collected a bunch information about FPGA and related projects. One of his newest projects is CNC mill where steppers are controlled by FPGA.   When designing milling system, he encountered speed and acceleration of milling head, so the positioning would be as precise as possible. Stepper motor controller is interfaced to PC via FPGA Saxo board which converts USB-2 to parallel. The complete code will be available from soon. Continue reading

CPLD 8 bit VGA graphics

Ulrich Radig have developed simple CPLD VGA graphics board which is able to generate 256×256 64 color graphics on standard 640×480 with 60 Hz monitor. He used a CPLD XC9572PC84 from Xilink which is clocked with 32mHz crystal.   Author was able to connect Gameboy camera to board and display results on screen. Project files including Eagle schematics and PCB are included. Continue reading

Single board VGA computer on LPC2138

Peter Jakacki have designed this single board solution for Philips ARM design contest couple years ago. ARM7 LPC2138 microcontroller is used to run VGA monitor, keyboard and mouse.   Board is capable to drive 8 different color 192 pixels per line for over all 240 lines. Image generation fits standard 640×480 timings. System is capable to understand Forth commands. Simplest way is to connect board to RS232 terminal and send commands which are immediately executed. You will find several demos in documentation. Continue reading