Simple 89S52 Project Board

Board has been developed by Wichit Sirichote. It can be used as general purpose development board for various project. For example author have used it for temperature, AC outlet, current measurements with additional current to voltage circuit connected to ADC input.   Board itself has 2x12bit ADC inputs, 4-digit seven segment LED indicator, connector for alphanumeric LCD, four switches, 16 I/O port pins for digital data communication and ISP adapter (89S series allows ISP programming). There are couple example programs like temperature sensor reading through ADC input. So it may be practical board to have or simply to learn 89S52 microcontrollers. Continue reading

GPS tracker prototype

Thomas Pfeifer decided to experiment with Tyco X1029-A-53 GPS module. He built a Atmega8 prototype board which reads GPS data and logs it to MMC/SD card every 1 second. So later data can be analysed on computer or simply put on top of the map (easy to do with Google map) to see the where did you go.   He made several experiments by driving with bicycle around around his place. In one of them he managed to draw his name on the map. Continue reading

Frequency counter up to 70MHz

Herbert Dingfelder known as DL5NEG among radio amateurs have constructed a microcontroller based frequency counter up to 70MHz.   Frequency counter can use prescalers what allows reading GHz with 10kHz resolution. Without prescaler device can measure frequency up to 70MHz with 10Hz resolution. I think this is very good what simple schematic can offer. Hex file is ready for download and can be flashed to Atmega16. Continue reading

GPS and temperature logger on PIC

This project was intended to be used in weather balloon which logs position and temperature data read from LM75 temperature sensor. Device has 64kB EEPROM memory for storing data.   Device position can be sent via SMS by using mobile phone. Also there is ability to connect and control devices with relay. All project files are available for download. Continue reading

AVR logic analyser via USB

Lucas have posted useful project in μlabs. Logical analyser is very handy tool when working with digital electronics. Buying one sometimes may be to expensive and not worth an investment. So why not to build one.   Device sends data via USB to PC where it can be viewed and analysed in convenient window. Device uses external RAM which is used as data buffer – this allows to avoid bottel neck of data transmission due to low internal AVR RAM. Project files and necessary software is available for download. Dont be scared description is in German language. So use any translator available on line. Continue reading

Countdown timer for UV PCB exposure

If you need simple, reliable countdown timer for PCB exposure or even in the kitchen – this project is what you may need. Circuit of this timer is very simple – AVR Attiny2313 microcontroller gets commands from three buttons (Time Up, Time down and Start), displays it on 2x16LCD. You can connect any device to be controlled to relay. After timer counting is over – it gives a sound signal via buzzer. Project schematic and PCB is developed with Eagle CAD software. Firmware is written in Basic language with Bascom. Time to cook. Continue reading