PIC based wireless servo controller

Wireless servo controller allows to control two servo motors remotely. It can be used for wireless camera tracking or simply in any robotics project. Receiver and transmitter uses a Laipac TRW-24G 2.4GHz wireless modules.   Any standard servos can be controlled with this device. RF controller controls with a very little latency, which is mainly depending on servos latency. Receiver uses PIC18LF2550 microcontroller with firmware written by using CCS PIC C compile. If put manual joystick control, this could be really powerful remote tracking system. Continue reading

Wireless temperature transmitter

If you want to measure temperatures of remote objects there is the only way to do this – get wireless. This particular project explains ho to build simple wireless RF temperature transmitter which uses TXM-433 module and Atmega8 while receiver (SILRX-433) is connected to PC via RS232 port.   RF Temperature transmitter sends six bytes of data at fixed interval. Module measures three temperature values, light level at photocell and battery voltage. Small Visual Basic program collects data and displays it in a table view. As author (Don Carveth ) says – he can monitor temperature and the light went on of three compost heaps in the back yard by sitting in the room. But this is pretty universal device to use it for other purposes. Program code is written for GCC compiler. Continue reading

Great project for learning PIC microcontrollers

This is really great project that can be built very easily. There are two ways on getting this board on tour table – order a kit, or build your own, as all necessary schematics are available. The core of this project is a 5×7 LED display assembled by using distinct LEDs. This allows you to generate primitive graphics and other display effects. Board also has 3 programmable buttons, piezo sounder, and RS232 connector. Most valuable thing for PIC starters here is that there are quite a bunch of well documented projects with detailed explanations and animations. The whole project description with examples takes over 20 pages. Have fun. Continue reading

Electronic dice projects on PIC microcontrollers

If you like gambling, you should have this toy in your collection. Electronic dice (die) is very easy to build – it uses several component and quite few code lines. Here you can find several Electronic die projects designed for different PIC microcontrollers by Pete Griffiths. These can be built on prototyping breadboard or as single application. Projects are ready for PIC16F84, PIC12F675, PIC16F690 and even on hard TTL logic. Continue reading

PIC based HV electric roach motel

Once you let the roaches in your house it is hard to get rid of them. There are so many ways of extermination, but not all of them is effective. Using poisons is not a clean solution. So why not to use some electricity.   This simple device uses a high voltage pulses that are controlled by PIC microcontroller. It generates about 400V at a rate of 10 pulses per second. This should give enough time for roaches to step on and get deadly electric shock. Schematic and PCB are easy to build. Hopefully there will be a source code available soon. Continue reading

A biologically inspired modular autonomous mobile robot platform

This is great mobile robot project that was created and described by Jidan Al-Eryani in Masters Thesis. This is full Master Thesis with deep analysis and testing that may be interesting to read as it includes various areas like designing power, control and intelligence modules where one MCU wouldn’t be effective. Project uses AVR Atmega128L microcontroller for performing basic functions like PC interfacing, Motion control, FPGA configuration, memory interfacing. All intelligence is left to FPGA Spartan-3 XC3S400-TQ144 which may be used for image recognition, machine learning and more. Have a nice reading. Continue reading