Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs
Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Control servo motor via USB

This project is adapted from USB LED fader from Objective Development. As servo motor uses PWM which is used to control LED light intensity. It only requires minimal firmware changes.   USB is firmware only which fits inside Atmega8 microcontroller. Because of this circuit becomes very simple – just few elements. Device is powered from USB so be careful as there is potential threat to damage USB port. I would suggest to attach an external power supply. The demo application is real fun. Once servo is attached on top of monitor, pointer attached to motor shaft points to mouse pointer location on screen. Continue reading

PIC18F2550 development board with USB port

Prototyping without development boards sometimes may seem impossible. Always before starting producing real design there is always prototyping part of work. Sometimes there is more convenient to use breadboards. But if you know that you will need to prototype more devices based on same microcontroller, so it is better to develop universal board which is more stable and easy to use than breadboard.   For USB prototyping PIC18F2550 is a good choice as it has USB port built in and no additional circuitry is needed. The PIC18F2550 is a USB2.0 Full Speed Device(12Mbit/s). Sadly microcontroller doesn’t have bootloader built in, but you can always use third party USB bootloader like Sprut USB bootlaoder. Board schematics and PCB is available for download in eagle format. Continue reading

Low budget graphical LCD oscilloscope

Oscilloscopes built on 8 bit microcontrollers don’t give much power but they can serve is specific areas where signal frequency is really low. This one is built by using PIC18F2550 microcontroller which can give 12MIPS calculation power maximum. Actually scope is mostly limited by internal ADC. In this project 60kHz of sampling rate was reached. This is still enough to view few kHz signals. Analog signal enters directly to ADC input without any amplifier or buffer circuitry. So voltage is limited to 5V. In other hand design is kept really simple and can be repeated on any PIC18F2550 based development board. Firmware can be downloaded by using bootloader which can also be found in project page. Continue reading

FPGA video game

This project was developed by Cornell university students. The idea of this FPGA game is is to catch the delicious BBQ meat balls with the help of a BBQ stick. Game is controlled with USB mouse which is connected to Altera DE2 Board.   VGA controller supports 640×480 pixel resolution, where each pixel uses 16 bits. So each image block require 256K words of RAM memory. All logical block is designed for Altera Cyclone II EP2C35F672C6 FPGA where only limitation was lack of RAM. Project source files can be downloaded here. Good source for learning FPGA. Continue reading

A weather station with a build-in web server

Embedded web applications are always exiting. Once device is connected to internet, you can have access and control from anywhere including cell phone.   Weather station is a modular structure which consist of AVR based web server and sensor board. There are two LM335 temperature sensors and Freescale MPX4115A absolute pressure sensor attached. There is also a wind measurement sensor planned. Here you’ll find the latest project files. Continue reading