Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs
Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Stepper motor controller on PIC

Stepper motors seems to be always interesting topic. And there is a lot of information about controlling them around the internet. Albert La also has been playing with steppers using PIC microcontroller. He constructed simple circuit with PIC16F84 microcontroller, TIP120 Darlington transistor pairs, and 4050 buffer IC for circuit protection. Wrote simple program which is able to run stepper motor with 7.5 degrees per step. This circuit can serve as stepper motor tester for instance picking right wiring, measuring revolution speed and so on. [via] Continue reading

Control stepper motor via USB

sixca has compiled nice example on how to control devices via USB interface. Simple solution is to take microcontroller with USB interface built in. PIC15F4550 has full speed USB interface with full speed capability. Microcontroller uses on chip USB driver which is pretty easy to program.   Firmware is programmed compiled with MPLAB C18 compiler tools. You may want to edit source in order to interface different devices like LCD, relays etc. PC software part is written with Delphi 6. It has three commands implemented: “Turn Left”, “Turn Right” and “Stop Motor”. This software can also be modified for your needs and recompiled with Delphi6 compiler. Continue reading

AVR tiny code lock

Code lock is used for access control. User has to enter 1 to 4 digit code (in free version) to unlock the door or several doors if needed. Code is entered via button keypad matrix. Optionally there can be LCD module connected.   For free light version author provides project schematic and hex file. If you see this project valuable you may purchase preprogrammed Attiny2313 with more codes and professionally made PCB. Check out the site for more interesting information including programmer, GSM alarm. Some of pages are in Slovakian language. Continue reading

Simple PIC voltmeter with LCD

This is very beginner project on how to read analog DC voltage with PIC and display it on LCD display developed by sprut.   Voltage is read with 10 bit ADC input. Input is connected directly to RA0 pin so be careful with measured voltages. Higher than VCC voltages may damage PIC microcontroller. If you are not sure better connect protecting Schottky diodes on the input. ADC can measure with 4.8828125mV accuracy when VCC=5V. Download assembly source code if you want to experiment more. sprut also has more info on his site about electronics, PIC microcontrollers. Site is in German language, but any online translator can help. Continue reading

Probably the simplest 3 channel IR remote control

This is a simple 3-channel remote control project developed by sixca. It uses two PIC12F629 microcontrollers for both sides: receiver and transmitter.   Remote control is based on RC5 protocol which is most popular among manufacturers and hobbyist because of its simplicity. Transmitting is done by pressing one of three buttons representing channels. Rx side has IR receiver which decodes transmitted signal and gives logical “1” outputon one of three pins. These pins can control anything including relays, lamps, motors and other external devices. You may expand functionality by modifying source code. Continue reading

Open source prototyping platform

Maybe You don’t know much about microcontroller programming, and you do not want to learn much about it but want to give a try on designing something interactive, Arduino projects is what you need. Arduino is an open source and open hardware project of simple prototyping platform. Main purpose of this platform is to make prototyping accessible for artists, designers, hobbyists and other who is interested in creating interactive objects. I like this projects because it makes microcontroller interfacing acceptable for everyone. Arduino boards are based on ATMEL Atmega8 and ATmega168 microcontrollers.   What makes this platform so easy? Programming of Arduino board is made by using Arduino programming language (based on Wiring). Language is very easy to use, because you don’t have to care about microcontroller ports and various… Continue reading