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Audio VGA Visual Generator Based on Arduino

You’re not having much fun time with the previous home projects? In fact, you would like to involve more, especially with the Arduino based projects? Ok, since you’re wishing for it, then you got it!


Have a closer look on this project, as it’s mainly focus on how to use Arduino to generate audio VGA visuals. Before you’re starting the project, there are several things you need to prepare here:

  1. A computer (The computer must be equipped with a VGA output)
  2. A breadboard
  3. Some wires or strip board
  4. Breadboard jumpers
  5. Two female VGA connectors
  6. A male VGA connector
  7. Three lots of 15×1 or 15×2 headers
  8. Audio cable and connector
  9. One or two LCD monitors, and of course
  10. An Arduino with an onboard ADC

You have to use an Arduino board for setup purpose. Firstly, you must take an audio signal and connect the signal wire to analog pin 0 and the shield to Arduino ground. Beside that, you have to connect Arduino ground to pin 5 of the VGA connectors. Lastly, remember to connect Arduino pins 4, 5 and to pins 1, 2 and 3 of the first external monitor connection.

If you’re creative enough, then you can make up three jumper boards with pin headers to connect all fifteen VGA pins to the breadboard. By using this method, it’s surely a lot easier here.

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