ATtiny2313 Breakout Boards Are Remarkably Outstanding!

Guys, are you looking for a petite and mini target board microcontroller? If you did, then you have to pay attention on this remarkable ATtiny2313 microcontroller!

You must be wondering, “Am I overreacted in this case?” Nope, I’m 100% positively that the ATtiny2313 microcontroller is a simple yet powerful breakout board for the ATtiny2313!

ATtiny2313 breakout boards

For whom that didn’t realize that the ATtiny2313 is an extremely popular AVR microcontroller, where you might spot its trace in the Mini POV, LED Mini Menorah and much more tingly kits!

By the way, below here are some of the main purposes of creating the ATtiny2313 breakout boards:

  • It’s to make a printed circuit board version of the minimalist target board for the microcontroller.

  • It encompasses a place for the chip and a connection to the 6-pin ISP header.

  • It’s to deploy a single and cheap AVR that doesn’t has many problem on it.

  • It equips with extra holes to tap into each pin of the AVR and provide labels for every pin.

  • It’s easy to use for plugging in some small and flexible prototype on it.

  • It’s to make it a neat and tidy electronic business-card.

The best part of this project is it used the open-source software, which is making it unique and exquisite!

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