Attiny10 touch button utilizes intelligent RGB LEDs

This is rather interesting touch button based on Attiny10 microcontroller. First of all Attiny10 is 6-pin microcontroller suitable for tiny applications and fit nicely in this touch button project. Second thing is that it features ADC input what makes it easy to implement touch sensing. With TinyTouchLib it becomes way easier. Second part in this project is four fully programmable RGB LEDs. Since Attiny10 has only three pins left, it needed smart LEDs to be used.

Attiny10 touch button

There are four WS2812 smart LEDs used that require only single pin to be controlled. All LEDs are connected in cascade mode where 24-bit composition data can be sent in series. Each led is capable to produce 16777216 colors. Again, LEDs are controlled using light_ws2812 library what makes things simple. The project and libraries are produced by cpldcpu used in github.

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