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Atmel finally releases AVR Studio 5

Those who are loyal to AVR microcontrollers probably heard rumors about upcoming AVR Studio 5. So after quite some time it here… At least Beta, but fully functional. This is a big step for Atmel as it managed to combine all tools for 8-bit and 32-bit AVRs into one IDE. AVR Studio 5 includes integrated C compiler (this is where WinAVR went) along with project wizard, and largely improved code editor.

With lots of improvements code writing will be much more faster. You will have to think again if you need other third party IDE like Eclipse. You can see all features and download it here. Download takes over 500MB and requires Microsoft .NET framework.

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  1. its beta all can be said by that.
    But I tougth you sould know that there is no programer interfaces nor capable of compiling into working .hex (tried to use delay.h and it seems that none of delays work)

  2. You can generate .hex and have working delay.h functionality if you select “release” configuration under project options and make sure .hex generation is selected. Somehow Atmel decided to default project to “debug” configuration where only .elf is generated and -O0 optimization is selected. As you may know delay.h only works fine at -Os optimization. So AVR-GCC tools seems to be ok. Guys at avrfreaks.net approve that delay.h works fine.
    I see other problems with studio 5:
    -install file too big;
    -no cross platform;
    -visual studio based (tied to windows)
    -still no stk500 support (should be on final release);
    -no simulator support for classic AVRs like Atmega8/16/32…

  3. The installer actually bundles everything, so that it can be ran on any PC that runs windows XP SP3 or later. Probably the prerequisites stuff is 22o MB 🙂

    Subsequent downloads should be lesser in size.

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