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Atmega644p VGA generator

VGA signals are still common among computers and seems that they are gonna stay for a while. Hook up your microcontroller project to VGA monitor and you’ll have a plenty area for displaying multiple characters and graphics. LucidScience takes us through process of building an Atmega324P based VGA signal generator which can be used for many purposes including games.

End result of this is a flicker free 256×240 256 color image on screen. By following tutorial you will get a better understanding of how VGA signal works and how to get correct signal timings with AVR microcontroller. In order to generate 256×240 256 color images there is a 128K SRAM used where image data is loaded. Microcontroller reads each pixel value and then draws it on screen. If you are ready for this – prepare for quite long reading and experimenting that leads to AVR based computer system not worse than any retro PC.

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