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ATMega168 based blinker puts light to graduation day memories

Graduation only comes a few times on a man’s life – unless you decide to take up 40 courses [like a woman I saw on TV]. That’s why many graduating students tend to pick up the best dress, best shoes and even decorate the graduation gown and hat just to stand out in the midst of a large graduating crowd [where everybody looks the same] and embed themselves in the crowd’s memory. When deprived of the chance to shine, Victor found a neat way of embedding himself in people’s digital memory while still blending in. The key? Infrared lights! Infrared can’t be seen by the naked eye but ooh yes but! It can be seen/detected by digital cameras and camcorders.

Inconspicuous LED Graduation Hat from RazorCustom on Vimeo.

Victor put together infrared LEDs and placed them in ‘strategic’ locations [hat edges, gown buttons] – this is the blend in part. Using an ATMega168 to store and sequence a series of blinks, Victor was able to output “Congratulations Class of 2011” in morse code. Successfully embedding your embedded geeky signature in graduation pictures of others especially without anyone noticing is something you don’t usually get away with – congratulations!

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