ARM Cortex-M0 development board with battery power in mind

There are tons of ARM development boards that are of various sizes shapes and power. But when things turn towards battery-operated gear, the list shrinks down. We expect battery operated and portable electronics part to be small size and include all battery management circuit along with charging and DC/DC conversion. Vsergeev introduces his version of a small ARM Cortex-M0 powered board.


He wanted his board to be small, battery operated (USB), and below the price. The board size came out to be 70x43mm. It carries an NXP LPC1114FDH28 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller. Additionally, there is a 16-Mbit SPI FLASH memory. As mentioned before, the board can be powered by a USB (Mini-B) or LiPo battery. The battery can be charged with an onboard LiPo charger IC (MCP73831T). There are 4 LEDs on board, along with two pushbuttons and 2 DIP switches. For more IO capability, there is also an I2C 8 additional I/O pins expander. So there is a total of 16 I/Os on the header, SWD for flashing and debug, and 6 pin UART header that matches popular FTDI adapters for USB to serial feature. Project files are open and accessible on GIT.

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