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Arduinoil – The Greatest Combination of an Arduino with Oil Gauge

People who living at countries that have seasonal changes know that it’s definitely a living hell torture, especially when your vehicle is down in the middle of nowhere in the snowstorm!

At that moment, you really don’t want to open up the car’s door and walking to the outside in below zero Celsius degree to check up your fuel oil gauge. However, you have no choice, but still have to do it in the ultimately freezing environment. Ok, you’re discovered that your vehicle was running out of fuel. So, you rush to the nearest fuel station to buy a few gallon of fuel. Once you’re checking your wallet. Darn, it’s already empty…!


Honestly, it’s one of the most annoying yet torturing scene, and some of us might have been encountered with this kind of situation before. Well, for preventing the awkward moment happen on you, then it’s better to well-prepared, by developing a smart Arduinoil device!

The main purpose of Arduinoil is allowing you to read the information from your vehicle’s current oil gauge and feed it to a web-enabled service. As a result, you not only can check the current fuel level, but also have latest stats available from everywhere across the worldwide.

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