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Arduino Step Sequencer Synth aka Noise Box

You’ve always want to build an Arduino step sequencer synth, but you don’t know the proper way to develop it? Well, you can end your searching now forever, as you’re having the chance to get closer with the Arduino step sequencer synth.

For your information, it’s a simple Arduino step sequencer synth. It has a maximum of eight tracks. Each of the tracks has eight patterns and each of them has a maximum of 16 steps. In this case, you can assign a MIDI input and output channel to each of the track, by choosing a play and record mode for each track.

There are three play modes, which as:

  1. The first track has one Note only. It’s a good note for the drum computers, as you only need to set the step active or not.

  2. The second one can store a note in each pattern, perhaps for chord sequences.

  3. The third can be used to store a note on each step and it’s also the best mode of all.

Believe it or not, you can plug in a midi keyboard into the MIDI-In and record all the Notes. All this can be easily done, by simply setting the track into Punch-In mode!

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