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Arduino powered keyglove

Imagine you computer without keyboard and mouse. How would you interact with it? Keyglove project is what it says – it designs a single handed portable input device that may replace keyboard and mouse with a glove stuffed with touch sensors and accelerometers. Operation seems simple and obvious – with 34 contact sensors there are many combinations possible that can be used to type by simply touching different sensors. Accelerometers are great to simulate mouse movements. So single hand movement can give full and even more flexible control that mouse and keyboard would do.

All this wouldn’t be possible without controller. Arduino Mega takes control of all these sensors and provides USB interface to PC. So far there are lots of to do that includes UCB/ Buletooth keyboard and mouse interfaces and of course reliable materials that would withstand intensive use of glove. Still it works for testing concept. Hopefully it will evolve into great open source device.

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