Arduino Nano with Marcel MM5450 and 8×8 LED matrix

Microcontroller is a very special and useful electronic device, as it equips with many incredible features and makes the electronic projects become easier!

However, once you’re dealing with a microcontroller, you might having difficulty – You couldn’t have the enough pins to perform the jobs. Well, you might have the option here: Choose to move up to a hundred pins microcontroller and the problem is solved up immediately! However, your wallet is heavily burnt up, as you need to pay an enormous price for the chip.

Or, you would prefer to pass off the IO complexity to another chip. In this case, the amazing combination – Arduino Nano board with Marcel MM5450 and 8×8 LED matrix.

Arduino Nano board with Marcel MM5450 and 8x8 LED matrix

Basically, this device is an LED driver that works as a travel log, or a “Shift Register”. For your information, there are 25 pins outputs, where each of the outputs can provide up to 15mA! In addition, it has a communication protocol that allows easy control with only two pins.

By using the device, you can easily test out the simple text scroller and its operation!

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