Arduino Nano Self-Balancing Robot

An engineering student must have heard about PID controllers, which are useful parameters in any control system design. A self-balancing system uses this PID Controller along with kalman filter. This project is not only useful to hobbyist or students but also teachers. It’s more of a PID teaching tool implemented on a self-balancing bot and demonstrates what are the effects of different PID parameters on the object. It changes its PID values In real time with the help of three different potentiometers attached on-board. Everything can be brought from spark-fun, however a part on the bot has been 3d-printed.

It’s built around an Arduino Nano along with a 6 degree of freedom sparkfun IMU sensor with additional peripherals such as motor driver, lipo battery e.t.c . The PCB is custom designed, however the files are available. Although the code might be little tough to understand at first sight, but it works perfectly.It also has positioning return system which takes the amount of time the motors are tuning in each direction and the speed and figures out how far away it is from its first position, which you can see this in the video.  A perfect project to start with, if you want to learn implementation of control system.

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