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Arduino Mandelbrot Fractal viewer

The Mandelbrot Set is a kind of equipment that was set up by Jonathan Coulton Adam Wolf. It is a fractal whereby it allows you to zoom on the border and you get the very best image. Almost everyone knows what Mandelbrot Set is but do not know how this is calculated. What most people know is that it has some special properties that related to zooming. To understand what Mandelbrot Set is, you need to read the tutorial that has been written by the developer himself whereby you will find out that there are both the mathematical and practical approach.

The Mandelbrot set and other similar fractals are drawn in such a way that there are a lot of good looking colors that are around a black background like the one shown below.

Most people believe that Mandelbrot set is formulated by the colors shown above or that these colors are part of it. Mandelbrot set in reality is that black shape in the middle and everything that is outside the black shape is not considered to be Mandelbrot set. If you choose to draw the set itself and leave every other thing blank will result in a very boring image. However, in the image shown above, the colors are not completely unrelated to Mandelbrot set itself. If you want to draw the set in an image the first thing that you have to do is to set the equivalence between complex numbers and pixel coordinates. This however means that each pixel in the image that you draw will have to represent a complex number and then you need to color the pixel according to whether it is Mandelbrot’s or not. When calculating the Mandelbrot function, you need to decide first of all how many times you want to iterate the function.

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  1. That Arduino Mandelbrot set viewer that is featured in the video was created by Adam Wolf. See the website you’re linking to again.

    The song in the video was created by Jonathan Coulton

  2. Thanks for pointing that out…

  3. Awesome application for an Arduino!!! Wow!!! NICE JOB!!

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