Arduino driven home automation botman

Simple home automation solutions can make your life easier. In other hand too much automation can be annoying. So there is always a middle between benefit and annoying. This is why there are so many attempts to build automation that differ from project to project. Johannes has been working on his version of home automater called “botman”. It is based on Arduino with Ethernet connection.

“Botman” is capable of doing several things like measuring indoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure (BMP085, DHT11). Then pull weather data from server via weather API. Also he though that he needs public transportation info which is also pulled from server. Indoor climate conditions is constantly archived in to Google Spreadsheet. And finally, to complete home automation concept, there is a Android API which allows controlling home appliances remotely. Home automater is placed in laser cut enclosure which also serves as front panel with laser cut engravings. Servo motor needle indicates weather conditions while other data is visible on LCD. Three push buttons are used to navigate the menu and select information.

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