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Arduino dashboard for fast view of pin values

Have you faced a situation when you wanted to see real microcontroller pin values during program execution. With digital pins it is obvious – add LED and problem solved. With analog part is a bit trickier. So why not read all pins and send values in to nice GUI where you can see current status of whats going on.

LVL1 Group have developed simple applications that allows to insert small code snipped in your existing Arduino project that simply sends all pin values (including analog) to PC via serial channel. Once data gets to PC a Processing based GUI takes over and displays data in convenient way. There are already many GUI compilations made for you. These include win32/64 Linux 32/64 and MacOSX. This may be a great addition that helps debugging your programs. It seems that Arduino Dashboard is still under development (beta stage) and there are promises for more great upgrades that might evolve in to decent tool.

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