Arduino controlled soldering frypan

Today’s modern electronics, even hobby isn’t imaginable without surface mount PCB technology. Well, Industrial stuff is manufactured with professional tools. But what to do if you want to make shiny looking SMT board. With soldering iron it is possible but it still doesn’t look very professional.

So its time to start cooking…. You actually can do well done boards at home. The only matter is how to apply correct temperature in order not to overheat or under-heat the components and soldering joints. The Mechatronics Guy have build his own PCB soldering frypan out of 1 kilowatt skillet. He throw out the original thermostat and built his own out of thermocouple sensor and Arduino. Arduino controls heater with PWM signal and this way adjusts temperature rising curve. To be sure he managed to test things with thermographic camera. Now its time to start cookin’.

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