Arduino Controlled Servo Robot (SERB) is Awesome!

Today, let’s talk about the SERB (Careful, it’s “SERB” not “SERP!”) or it also known as an Arduino Controlled Servo Robot. If you have deep interest on developing Arduino based robot, then this SERB is the ultimate choice for you!

For your information, this SERB is a great kit that includes everything that you want to begin experimenting with robots, all the Arduino microcontrollers, and open source hardware.

This SERB package is a fully programmable by simply using the optional Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller, which it’s an open source microcontroller and development environment. With the high quality laser cut acrylic chassis, solder-free, ready to run preloaded program, easily expandable and dual ball bearing rear wheel, it even made this SERB into a more sophisticated and fun to be developed with!

Since this is an open source design, thus you can build as many as you want. Beside that, you also can compete with your family/friends with SERBs and have some good moment together.

This innovative SERB will cost you $175 per set and it offers free shipping to the USA and Canada. After all, it can be an idea X’mas gift as well!

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