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Arduino controlled reflow oven

If you are doing many PCB prototyping, probably faced that soldering takes quite some time and effort. And results aren’t always satisfying. Hand soldered joints not always look as great as they should. With a little investment you can make soldering process more robust and clean. All you need is a reflow oven where you can literally cook your PCBs. Sky-Labs have shared their build of reflow oven which have it’s own flavor among other.


If you will follow the build instruction, you will see that there is not much about building reflow oven. First of all you need and original oven with electric heating elements. Then you will need to insert temperature probe (K-Type) and controller, which in this case is Arduino Uno. Arduino simply reads temperature and controls oven heating element. Reflow soldering is all about timing and temperature pattern. Control is based on PID algorithm which allow control to be more smooth and determined. Oven controller was integrated in its own custom laser cut enclosure attached to the side. From looks of it, Arduino also could be fit inside oven by cutting openings for control knob and LCD.

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