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Arduino controlled aquarium light

This one is a totally different project from my perspective. It is a home build lighting solution for your aquarium. Apart from being made at home, it’s cheaper alternative to the costly lighting solution available.  The lighting is with the help of simple RGB leds, which are controlled using some real time clocks from Maxim. The clocks uses SPI to send and receive signals.  All the system is controlled using an Arduino and all the system is powered by a laptop power source.


A good thing about it is that the complete software is complete configurable using software. With the help of it, you can change the led’s fading time and also the PWM speed. In short everything is configurable using the software. It also includes user input sanity checking and if the input makes no sense it will print a help page which will list all the possible commands.  The code is working without and flaw since the beginning of the project. A must try if you have an aquarium at home.

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