Arduino based thermostat with ESP8266 WiFi interface

Simple home automation solutions can make life easier, but with proper control interface it may make it even harder. If you are thinking about building or purchasing home automation unit for instance a thermostat, make sure that it has convenient control and remote access. EasyIoT has shared his thermostat project where he builds an Arduino based module with multiple features and control options.

Thermostat consists of Arduino Mega 2560 that comes along with 3.2” touch screen LCD. Thermostat is capable of controlling single channel load with isolated relay. Since there is plenty of room and processing power, it also can do more. It takes pressure measurements with barometric BMP180 module, also temperature and humidity with well known DHT22 sensor. Ti also tracks time with DS1302 RTC module. Thermostat has 6 modes of operation depending on temperature level including Auto and Off. Thermostat is also connected to internet via ESP8266 module where all data and basic control is available via EasyIoT web interface.

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