Arduino based Spot welder for 18650 batteries

Lots of devices are using battery packs that are spot welded together. Spot welding ensures great connectivity and vibration safe operation. In order to spot weld, you need special equipment that can give high current output for the very short time duration. This way you can get good weld joints without damaging the batteries with heat. Building a spot welder for small tasks is fairly easy.

KaeptnBalu has shared his instructable where he assembles his spot welder which is controlled by Arduino Nano. Spot welder requires 7-12V power source capable to output high currents. So any lead-acid battery works fine. Arduino is used to controlling welding pulse duration which can be adjusted from 1 to 20ms. With 0.15mm nickel strips he found that 9ms gives the best result. First of all, he prototyped the spot welder and then built his custom PCB where he put 8 MOSFETs in parallel that switch current on and off. He also built plywood foot pedal switch to keep his hands free while soldering.

If you get lost among welding terms, check out an excellent welding glossary, where you will find all unclear welding jargon and keywords with detailed explanation and video guides.

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