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Arduino Based Robotic Wooden Labyrinth Game

Labyrinth is a very challenging game, where you can compete with your family and friends anytime, anywhere you want. However, if you think that it’s quite dull to play the ordinary Labyrinth, then how about this Arduino based robotic wooden Labyrinth game?

This project doesn’t cost you too much, where with around $60 or less, you can build a great Arduino Labyrinth. Actually, it’s the ideal project to start with, if you want to learn about robotics. This game is using two servos and an Arduino to turn the knobs for moving the game surface. By the way, if you already have the Xbox360 game controller, then you only need to program it and modify it to suit with the Labyrinth game, instead of buying it on the market.


If you decided to expand this project a little bit further, then you would like to build another Labyrinth game platform, by using stepper motors (instead of servos). It must be even more thrilling and exciting to observe the motion detection through a webcam, isn’t it?

Lastly, it’s time for you to have some serious fun with your loved ones…

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