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Arduino based non contact infrared thermometer

In some cases you might want to measure temperature without touching object. One solution is to use infrared thermometer. You’ve probably seen one somewhere in hospital where nurses usually measure temperature of patient from distance. Educ8s.tv has been sponsored with couple parts needed to build a simple infrared thermometer.

The key element here is MLX90614 IR temperature sensor, which has pretty good characteristics:

  • measured temperature range from -70 to 380ºC
  • accuracy of 0.5ºC (when measured between 0 and 50ºC)
  • resolution of 0.02ºC
  • IIC digital interface
  • small size

He built thermometer by using Arduino and Nokia 5110 LCD shield. Fun fact is if you point thermometer to your body it will show much lower temperature than it is inside body. Simple explanation to this is that skin temperature is lower ~ 32ºC while normal body temperature is 36.6ºC. You should calibrate thermometer before measuring actual body temperature. You could use such infrared thermometer in many interesting projects like scanning thermovisor, inspecting temperature of home appliances, live stock, green house monitoring, movement detection, thermal relays and more.

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