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Arduino Based Guitar Pedal

The title says it’s all. It’s a custom made guitar pedal built around an Arduino and is specifically designed for guitarist and programmers.  Another important aspect is while making it, you can learn about the concepts of signal processing, effects, synthesizers which can be quite helpful if you want to be a budding engineer.  The pedal is based around an Arduino Due, which has a 32-bit ARM cortex M3 processor running at a frequency of 32 MHz.

Apart from it has two combination of DAC’s and ADC’s to achieve higher bit resolution. Another good thing about it is users can program their own effects or even can download it online. So the next time if you find an effect missing in you newly brought guitar pedal, you might want to consider building this one. Since it’s build around an Arduino, you won’t face much problem since everything is available online. Also, an additional shield is available online with the named pedalShield which can be directly interfaced to the controller. However you can also buy a readymade kit also from the store. An excellent project for all the guitar lovers. 

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