Arduino based GPS Distance Calculator

This project was done as a final year project by a group of students studying at the Indiana University. This type of application was particularly useful and made for Golf application. It works by recording latitude and longitude points of where the ball was hit from, and then calculate the distance from that location to wherever the ball lands. The project requires a basic Arduino with a GPS shield along with general purpose stationary. This system could also be modified to be useful in many different situations. Football teams could use this to keep an average distance for punted balls or field goals.

An important thing by making the project is related to the GPS shield. When testing the GPS shield, you need to make sure that the device has a satellite fix, this can be observed by the flashing red light on the shield. A good project if you want to try but its application will be very limited. However it can be used in an application related to distance such as in a quadcopter or a fixed wing aircraft.

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