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Arduino based environment parameter monitor

Our surrounding environment always interest us. We are always curious what is the temperature inside room and outside, what is the humidity and many other parameters. Finding right one could be problematic as each gadget is somewhat limited and be short on so needed features. johnag simply took an Arduino and 1.8” graphical LCD as base and started building his own environment monitor.


Temperature and humidity values are taken from DHT11 digital sensor. Among other features you can see that there is light intensity meter using CDS sensor, Real time clock. Temperature is also displayed in Kelvins and Fahrenheit. It seems that John is having fun and keeps adding new features to his creation. For instance he added an ultrasonic distance meter which shows distance from objects in centimeters. This is simple, you need something, you add it. The list of possible ad-ons is endless. Probably nice enclosure and portable power supply would make it more valuable platform.

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