ArduInboxMeter – Your Fantastic Mailbox Buddy!

Have you ever suffered from the obsessive compulsive, where you’re always have the urge to check your mailbox every few seconds? Do you feeling uncomfortable, when you’re using a whole computer just to know how long your mailbox backlog is? Alright, let’s stop all the annoyance and make yourself a fantastic ArduInboxMeter!


Some of you might be wondering, “Seriously, do you think that this ArduInboxMeter is going to solve up my hassles?” The truth is this ArduInboxMeter is a very powerful device, as it based on the Arduino Duemilanove board with an Ethernet shield. Furthermore, it also equipped with the following components, including:

  • An old analog VU-meter,

  • A few LEDs,

  • 100-ohm resistors, and

  • A prototyping PCB.

Well, you assemble them all together and solder them with soldering alloy. Then, you might want to leave all parts exposed, or maybe just securing them with duct tape or toothpicks. It also a good idea, where you can take some Fimo Soft PVC, flatten, bake, pierce and cut it into the square box-shaped.

Lastly, it’s time to add some software and plug the box into your network. This ArduInboxMeter displays the number of messages in your mailbox and allows your friends to offer you a coffee, to accept or reject any offers!

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