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Apply the 3R Concept with Your Old Personal GSM Phone

Do you love to follow the latest trend of cell phones? If you answered yes, then I’m bet you might have at least one old GSM Phone, which had been left in drawer for years.

Since you’re not anymore using it, why don’t show off your credibility and creativity in the renovation field?

This simply an easy task, where you just need to apply the PIC microcontroller and connect it with your Ericsson T18 series phone (You can also test this stuff with the A1018 and T28 series as well).

This method only good for own personal use, if you want it to be commercialized, it’s meet the difficulty of finding the suitable connectors in large amount (Go on and try to commercialize it if you did found a good supplier, which can provide you those needed connectors in low price).

The objective for this project is to remote activated or receiving SMS in alarm case.

Therefore, this GSM2 has transformed into a multipurpose gadget (bidirectional GSM Remote Control – remote activator – receiver of SMS alarms) now.

Don’t just staring on it, start your own work today.

Note: You can download the Schematic, PCB and firmware here.

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