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Another digital clock displays Game of Life

Matthew wanted to makes geeky gift for his brother who is mathematician and programmer. So he came out with digital clock idea which would display time and play Game of Life. There are plenty of Game of Life clocks around the internet bu all seemed somewhat limited in display size. So he grabbed 16×32 RGB LED matrix and built pretty slick looking clock.

The clock is build around Arduino UNO which reads time from Chronodot RTC. Clocks display is refreshed every minute and game of life start over where time digits act as initial condition. Likewise other clocks, this one always displays time in background, so anytime you could tell the time. Again – Arduino UNO has limited RAM so there has to be various optimizations and workaround made. Other clock options include: brightness control, UTC offset, LIFe game speed, 12/24 hour mode select, changing colors of display.

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