Animatronic hawk controlled by PIC MCU

Chris Merck have sent us an animatronic hawk project which was used as a prop for the movie “Lady Hawk”. He have made 7 axis motion: wings, tail, beak, body and 3D head motion. In the video bird looks like real and alive.



For bird control he used Microchip PIC16F627 microcontroller which forms and sends RC signals to hawk servos. Author also provides ASM source code where you can study the hawk control logic. Im just wandering how did he put all 7 servos inside the hawk and kept it look like real. Nice job.

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  1. I have been looking into making an animatronic hawk. i soon stumbled across this project. i was wondering if you have anymore pictures?

    i have already built the mechanical parts and is now waiting to be “skinned”. if i could retain some images or info on your hawk it would be a great help.

    many thanks,

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