Analog Meter Clock

You have endless of spare times during weekend, and you don’t know what to do with the free times? Well, if you have deep interest with the analog meter, then analog meter clock project will keep you busy for the whole weekend or more!

This project is based on an Arduino board, where it can reuse an old 5vdc wall-wart for the power supply. PWM mode is being used on the AVR and it’s quite easy for most of the home hobbyists. Although it was a little bit of work to manage PWM at the assembly language level, but the dev environment for Arduino makes it easy to be used.


Honestly, the clock logic is a very straightforward thing, where it’s simply a bunch of nested “for” loops to count from 0-59; 0-59; 0-23 and all these values will be written to the appropriate PWM port.

Beside that, you’ll need to apply the calibrate mode. This mode is an interrupt that writes the appropriate max value to the meters (23:59:59) and with this mode, it allows you to adjust the pots easily. Don’t worry about the calibration interrupts in the environment, as it was as easy as the PWM did! You surely can handle it without any hassle!

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