An Air Mouse

This mouse is a kind of a special mouse developed by students of Cornell University. In simple words, it’s a wireless mouse unit that requires no flat surface by using ultrasonic positioning. They have used ultrasonic sensor to represent the mouse position in space. To simulate the mouse buttons, touch based input buttons were put into the picture. There are three ultrasonic receivers attached to three corners of a board simulating the computer screen. Therefore for a particular position, based on the delay time, the position of the object is calculated.


The design has been implemented using two MCU’s one to generate the data representing the mouse coordinates and clicks activities, the other to import the data to the PC. The two MCU communicate wirelessly using XBEE protocol. The mouse responds reasonably fast to user’s action in general. It has a noticeable delay of a few tenths of a second which is due to present of filters. The concept is really amazing, but the device might be not that accurate or fast.

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