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Amazing LED patterns on your bicycle spokes

The project also known as Spoke ink creates a beautiful patterns in a shape of an image which is user defined.  Spoke Ink is a booster pack for the MSP430 series of microcontroller, which uses 32RGB Led’s along with a magnetic sensor.  The image to be displayed on the spoke can be created form any bitmap image by using the software provided by the maker itself.  The booster packs creates an image by using persistence of vision which is the same technique used in videos.

2NITo generate a persistent image, Spoke Ink and the MSP430 have to light up in the exact same radial position with each turn of the wheel which is achieved by triggering interrupts based on a small magnetic sensor that trips each time the booster pack passes a small magnet glued to stationary part of the bicycle. The project requires very basic components such as RGB LED’s Hall Effect sensors along with the launch pad for MSP430 and the booster pack mentioned above.

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