Altera DE2 Ball Game

People at the Cornell University have made a two-player based game on real time edge-detection. The game is played by controlling the switches and the keys on the development board used. Initially, Player 1 draw’s an arbitrary number of straight lines in any fashion.  The aim is to move the ball to its destination. For controlling the motion of the ball, a fixed impulse has to be applied at any arbitrary angle. The number of impulses a player take will be recorded and then displayed on a multiplexed seven segment display.

The design was implemented on a CYCLONE II FPGA on an Altera DE2 development board. The concepts used are of embedded systems as well as SOC popularly known as system on chip. The system-on-programmable-chip (SOPC) has a video decoder to acquire video input from the camera. The Video Input and Gray scale module converts the input video to a gray scale image. The gray scale image is passed through the Edge Detection Accelerator in the SOPC to generate the game map.

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