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Aclock – The Remarkable DIY Alarm Clock

Sometimes, you’re waking up late in the morning and didn’t have enough time prepare breakfast or miss the bus! In this case, you’ll be wondered, “Hmm…, I thought I’ve set up the alarm clock, why it didn’t wake me up accordingly?”

Well, don’t blame all the fault to the alarm clock, as it did done its job. However, it isn’t smart enough to know that after you’ve turned off the alarm clock, you’re going to fell to sleep again!

So, all you need here is an alarm clock, which won’t shut off automatically, unless you’ve out of bed. The remarkable DIY Alarm Clock a.k.a. Aclock is the best device that will help you solve up the problem.


For your information, Aclock is a palm PDA application that interfaced to sensors to detect your presence. Once the Aclock is turned on, the sensor will bump the alarm time by nine minutes.

There is a second sensor, which is placed on the mattress, under the sheet and mattress cover. For switching off the Aclock, the user has to touch and hold the snooze button for more than three seconds!

Please keep in mind, the Aclock is only be turned off, if no presence is being detected by the bed sensor.

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  1. Heh; If I’m tired enough I can walk across the room to turn off my alarm without waking whatsoever; I started leaving my iPhone (which continues to go off until swiped) across the room on the desk and even then I wake up late with all the alarms cancelled – I don’t remember getting up, but somebody must have been to switch it off!

    I like the puzzles best; The alarm doesn’t deactivate until the puzzle is solved; whether it be a math puzzle of a simple shape through the hole puzzle – not tried one yet but I’m sure I won’t be able to do that in my sleep :-p

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