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AcceLED Pong is The Intelligent Play Stuff!

Talking about the Pong game, most of you here have been at least heard it or ever experienced with it? Pong game is one of the easiest games to be developed and it’s simply the best choice to all the home hobbyists that want to test their skill with the ATmega32.

This AcceLED Pong or also known as the Accelerometer Controlled Pong is a very easy project. All you need to do is try to hook it up to an Atmel ATMega32 chip that processes the data and controls a red or green LED matrix.

Basically, the game is fully controlled by tilting the board left and right to move the paddle. If you want a more challenging tournament, then you may want to adjust your computer into an advance stage, and see if you can beat the computer or not!

The whole code is well written for the ATMega32 and it’s meant to be compiled and installed with the AVR-GCC. As a result, it would be easy to port to an Arduino if you insist to do it!

So, guys. Have a nice Pong game and enjoy the moment!

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