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A Tree Climber Using an Arduino

There are several implementations of tree climbing robots out there (still climbing trees?)

Technochiken – a new Arduino fan wants to test his newly acquired skills in programming microcontrollers……..(the dots represent the time he spent searching on the net) He finally decide to build a tree climbing robot using the Arduino as the the main controller that would facilitate the climbing motion of the robot. He starter the build process with a sketch of the mechanical parts – its better to have a plan to avoid wasting materials.

The robot is mainly composed of aluminum – the frame, the claws (the legs) and it has a central shaft that it used to create the climbing displacement. The claws and the central shaft is powered by DC motors which in turn are driven through an L298 H-Bridge Motor Driver. One unique thing about this climber is the fact that it senses the gripping of the tree by determining the speed of the motors – the motor’s speed goes down when the gripping action touches the tree – talk about neatly designed robots.

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