A Sound Follower Robot

The name of the robot is Clap-E which is a sound follower robot and follows you as long as you are clapping. It was designed by students of Cornell University as their final year project. It’s insensitive to normal human voice and other noises in the environment, however if you are able to produce a noise as sharp as clapping, then it will follow you.  The bot is able to detect the direction of source of clap by applying ‘time of arrival’ principal.  The time of arrival between two waves is calculated and using basic trigonometry the position is identified


The hardware comprises of two circuits mainly sensory circuitry and a servo driver circuit.  The sensor circuits comprised of microphone as the main sensor device. A total of three microphone were placed at vertices of an equilateral triangle. The bot is very sensitive to clap sounds, since sound is detected using interrupts. However, if the clap is more than 2 meters away from the robot, the latter cannot respond to the sound due to the quality of sensors with low sensitivity.

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