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A PIC16F628A breadboard module

You don’t usually see microcontroller projects in a breadboard and I’ll give you one reason why – microcontrollers require some external components that eventually consumes the prototyping space in a breadboard. This is one of the reasons why hobbyists prefers to make/test projects in a custom PCB rather than the good old breadboard.

To remedy the dilemma of prototyping a PCB just to test a microcontroller circuit, R-B had this very fancy idea of making a breadboard module for a microcontroller. The module’s main part is a PIC16F628A, all the external components to make the microcontroller functional is also placed in the board – oscillator crystal, pull up resistor for the MCLR and even the reset button are already in the board. The only pins that sticks out of the module are the I/O pins and the power pins. Now people can verify microcontroller circuits without fabricating a specific board.

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